What our Legal Assistants are saying:

I’ve been with Boost Legal Support for almost a year, and have been kept busy and working for the entire time I’ve been registered with them. Thanks to the efforts of Cindy and Max, as one contract ended another began, and I experienced very little “down time”. With their intimate knowledge of the industry and thorough familiarity with my skills, they were able to match me with employers for whom I could truly “hit the ground running”.

I would characterize Boost as a “full service” agency with resources over and above other legal recruitment agencies. Cindy, through her affiliated company, Corporate Computer Tutors, has actually attended at my workplace in order to provide me with instruction in advanced office techniques and computer programs based on my needs. I’ve been in this business for nearly 30 years, and have never known anyone so devoted to her clients’ prosperity and workplace well-being. Not only would I highly recommend Boost, but I feel they are a near essential service for any legal support staff at any level to be registered within the Calgary area.”

Lindsay Knapton
Litigation Legal Assistant


What our Clients are saying:

We have worked with Cindy Gibson and Corporate Computer Tutors for many years.  She is a fantastic trainer and an integral part of our on-boarding team.  Her new venture, Boost Legal Support, has proven to be a valuable resource for us as well.  Her on-demand staff attend a boot camp and receive comprehensive software training, including Word and Worldox.   We recently brought in a temporary legal assistant on short notice, and she hit the ground running.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Boost Legal Support or Corporate Computer Tutors to any law firm.

Debbie Davis
Managing Director
Jensen Shawa Solomon Duguid Hawkes LLP