Our Boot Camps are available for all of our BOOST team members and provide advanced training to increase your skill level.  Learn about Microsoft Word core competencies, styles, paragraph numbering, as well as section breaks.


While I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Boost Legal Support’s Boot Camp, I was happy to attend the three day Boot Camp offered, notwithstanding the fact that I have worked as a senior legal assistant for over 25 years. The course covered a lot of information and was delivered in clear and concise pieces that were easy for me, and the other attendees, to absorb. The structure of each day was clear, logical and effective. At the end of each day, and at the beginning of the next day, Cindy briefly summarized what we had learned, which I thought was very effective. Cindy is a very logical and concise trainer.

Admittedly, the training, for the most part, was an overview of what I felt I already knew but because of Cindy’s background in dealing so closely and professionally with her clients, much of the information I learned at the Boot Camp was to my benefit for my first placement with Boost Legal Support. My attendance at the Boot Camp wasn’t solely about learning and knowledge. Some of the benefits of taking the sessions for me came from learning about how Cindy deals with and has dealt with her clients and employees. I felt very confident about Cindy’s knowledge from our interactions during the sessions and I was impressed with the way she passed her knowledge and information to me and the other attendees.

After my attendance at the Boot Camp sessions, I felt I had the knowledge, as well as the confidence, to go out and do the best job possible and that I would be able to make a good impression for Boost Legal Support, as I knew what Cindy expected and I had the knowledge and understanding to do the best job possible. The training is a reflection of how Cindy wants her business to be portrayed and I felt very positive about having taken the sessions.

Debbie K.
Legal Assistant