President, Cindy Gibson, also of Corporate Computer Tutors Ltd. has worked in law firms for over 27 years and is now providing legal support for law firms.

√   We have the best trained legal assistants and paralegals

√  We match your firm to the perfect candidate

√  On-demand services, use as needed


Only pay for staff when you need them.  No hassles like vacation pay, deductions or benefits to worry about.

BOOST’s team of legal support staff will help you with:

  • Project work (closings or copying jobs)
  • Overload work
  • Transcription
  • Document formatting and editing
  • Holiday coverage
  • Covering your Assistant’s sick days
  • Maternity leave

If you are in between assistants and you just need your work done, our dedicated team of legal assistants are available to help!

Litigation – Affidavit of Records

If you do not want to buy your own software or do not have the staff available to organize and code electronic and hard copy documents, let us create your Affidavit of Records.  We use Eclipse SE to prepare your documents for review, so that you can easily mark for privilege or relevance.

We will:

  • Organize and load your electronic documents for review
  • Scan hard copies of files
  • Code documents
  • Perform an initial review for privilege, if requested
  • Prepare Schedules for your Affdavit of Records

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Legal Assistant Review Form

We are constantly looking to improve our business.  To review a legal assistant or paralegal you have used at BOOST, please click the button below to fill out our Legal Assistant Review Form.

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