Virtual Legal Assistant

November 13, 2017 - 5:07 pm / News

Do you want to spend more of your time practicing law and less time repeating necessary but boring tasks? Hiring a virtual legal assistant can help you reduce your personal workload in various cost-effective ways. Virtual legal assistants can do the tasks you don’t want to do (but need to). and often they can bring their own expertise to the table to help you optimize your practice.

A virtual legal assistant has the job of helping you with specific office tasks that one can complete through remoting into a law firm with the law firms consent. The tasks a virtual legal assistant does can be incredibly specific or broad.


Virtual legal assistants can help law firms with inbox management. Once you give them access to your email, they can sort and organize your inbox. Your bar-related emails can go to a specific folder. Prospective clients and existing clients can go to others. Virtual legal assistants can prioritize your emails so you can spend less time scouring for the most relevant emails and answer the most important ones first. They may also be able to email prospective and current clients to set up appointments and answer basic questions like directions to your office.

Manage Your Calendar and Set Meetings

Virtual legal assistants can set appointments with clients and manage your schedule. Virtual legal assistants can set up client meetings by looking up your schedule and adding the appointments to your calendar. Saves you time from having to email back-and-forth with a client to find a suitable time.


Scan and send them to your VA to have them typed up and saved in a client’s folder on your hard drive.

In edition to the above, here are just a few more options when using a virtual legal assistant; invoicing clients, diarize for the firm, and answer phones.