Positive Effects of Temporary Staffing in Calgary Law Firms

October 4, 2017 - 10:19 am / News

Temporary staffing can allow law firms to adjust easily and quickly to work overflow when their legal assistants are on a leave of absence, such as vacation, illness, maternity leave, disability, etc. Having qualified legal assistants or paralegals at a lawyer’s fingertips can make their life easier and the running of the entire law firm easier.

Temporary staffing can allow the lawyer and the law firm to evaluate different candidates for the legal assistant or paralegal position (temporary to permanent). Law firms can decide if the legal assistant or paralegal is a strong Microsoft Office user, can speak with clients comfortably, the legal assistant can draft and format any document properly and efficiently, or a paralegal who can create and produce an Affidavit of Records. In an ideal situation, a legal assistant or paralegal would be able to do all of these things, and there are temporary staffing agencies such as Boost Legal Support that can seek out and potentially train legal assistants and paralegals to have all of those traits and skills.

Temporary staffing is perfect for small projects. It is more cost effective to hire a temporary staff for a couple months or so, instead of permanently hiring a legal assistant or paralegal.

Hiring a temporary employee through an agency such as Boost Legal Support will create a lower work flow for a law firm, and provide the ability to reallocate payroll into an expense. The agency will take care of payroll expenses, paperwork, the screening process of qualified legal assistants and paralegals, eliminate the need for employee benefits, and sometimes agencies (like Boost) even provide additional training for the legal assistant or paralegal.

Having a temporary employee or short-term employee can help the overall workplace mood. When permanent employees work overtime, have to work nights or weekends, the overall morale of the law firm decreases. Having that extra person can make all the difference in a law firm, especially when there is massive work overflow.

Temporary staffing provides many benefits and can be an asset at your law firm.